Praying together during this time of need.

It was with a sense of sadness that I closed the church of Mary Immaculate Queen and Séipéal Réalt na Mara last Sunday

During times of great difficulty, one of the vital resources we can rely on is prayer. The two ‘Sacred Spaces’ in the parish where we as meet to pray as a community and individually, are the Church of Mary Immaculate Queen and Séipéál Réal na Mara.

The virus is such a sinister threat; we can’t see it, neither can we be 100% sure that surfaces we touch in public areas are safe. For that reason, I felt that best practice was, to close both churches, and provide alternative ways and means of praying as a community.

Visiting the churches from you home.

A means of visiting the churches from you home, may be possible by viewing the pictures taken from within both churches recently. Included also are a pictures of the Blessed Sacrament with an accompanying prayer and a picture of the Shrine of Our Lady Immaculate Queen with the prayer to Mary Immaculate Queen. Switch on the picture of your choosing if you wish to spend some time in prayer before the precious images.

Prayer and reflection.

As you know by now there is an opportunity to pray the Rosary and Mass with me, via radio, the webcam and Facebook. Through the Parish Internet I will post up any prayers, reflections and poems you wish to share with us. You can send them to me by email ( I will also post a blog on occasion based on the Masses we celebrate over the airwaves.

Stay safe, and God bless.
Fr. Michael.