The Brennan File.

I lived ins na Forbacha from 1978 -1984, during which time I delighted in having the camera hear at hand to record people and events. Most of the children in the photos are now adult, with children of their own. Many of the senior members of the community are resting with the Lord, ar Slí na Fhírinne. Over the next while I will add to the collection.  The images will, I hope,  revive precious memories of another age, an age when computers and digital cameras were is short supply home and the photographer bought his roll of film, mainly slide film. The snaps were either sent away to be processed or developed with a film kit at home .
The first few pictures record the Restoration of the Cross. The original cross was made from metal.  Because of proximity to the sea, rust got the better of the structure,and it eventually collapsed, smashing the statue as well. The figure of Christ was restored in Powers workshop. A new base was set, the reinforced concrete cross was made by Galway Concrete Co, where Nat Burke was employed.  The new crucifixion cross was erected in the year 1984, and we had the official unveiling during the Good Friday Passion Ceremony,  held outdoors on a lovely sunny afternoon.

The Tapestries are  creation of  Mary Smith,. Even though Mary's hands were crippled with arthritis, she was gifted with the needle and thread particularly in terms of precision. Over a few years, she made 6 beautiful hangings for the lectern, a set of vestments which are still in the sacristy, and a number of other hangings. The first photo is that of Mary standing beside an amazing altar hanging depicting a modern version of the Last Supper. The Trocaire tapestry was presented to Bishop Eamonn Casey (chairman of  Trocaire Ireland at the time) when he presided  at Confirmation in Séipeal Réalt na Mara. I think it might have been the only time Confirmation day was celebrated ins na Forbacha. I don't know if any of the hangings or resurrection tapestry are still in existence. It would be nice the keep the collection together.
An lá a tháinig an Papa agus Iar Paisley ar cúirt go dtí an Spidéál, La Padraig. Muintir Doire Locháin & Aill a Phreacháin confront each other in a moving encounter.